Exclusive product as well as absolute excellence of Woodallgarden, the grids are aluminum frames that perform multiple functions of use:

  • Fences
  • Privacy fences
  • Sun protections
  • Thermoregulators
  • Burglar-proof barriers
  • Electromagnetic shielding
  • Supports for flowers and climbers

Available in all ral colors, as well as in wood effect and two-tone finishes, they are unique on the market for the technology used and combine the beauty of typically wooden products with the strength of metal (always aluminum of high thickness) to create products with very high functional, aesthetic and ecological contents. Available in many versions, with profiles of different thicknesses and sizes, they are produced with designs aesthetically among the most sought-after, further strengthened by solid support pillars in aluminum. To these is also added a wide range of complementary items such as privacy panels, planters with grids and in crystal version. All custom-made, they are the only concrete response on the market for architects and engineers dealing with the solution of problems once unsolvable in the field of completion finishes for quality construction.

The construction features of Woodallgarden (WAG) grids and sun protections allow you to enjoy state incentives in terms of energy efficiency and safety.